Julie Kotler, LCPC, LCPAT, ATR-BC (she, her, hers)

Psychotherapist,  Art Therapist, Eating Psychology Coach

We crave meaningful connection and authenticity in work, home, and relationships.  Working together we can unpack trauma, emotional neglect, and generational issues.  Knowing ourselves, embracing vulnerability, and deepening our connection to self and others lead to a more fulfilling life.

Feeling deeply seen and understood is the goal of therapy.

Do you struggle with difficulty regulating emotions, low self-esteem, trust, or intimacy issues? Are you over-attached in unsafe relationships or repeatedly picking the “wrong’ or emotionally unavailable friends or partners? Do you participate in self-destructive behaviors (alcohol, shopping, chronic overdoing)? Is your mental and physical health suffering, overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame or self-blame, or social isolation due to avoidance behaviors?

I believe that our attachment styles and the homes we grow up in impact our lives far beyond what we are aware of- being intentional about working through these issues allow us to shed trauma-developed coping skills that are not serving us anymore.  People-pleasing/fawning, saturation in diet culture, and the lack of cultural proficiency by the Boomer generation is not making the world an easy place to navigate, especially if you are the sandwich generation, raising children and taking care of elderly parents.

I tailor my approach to you specifically. I will help you using mindfulness, cognitive processing, talk therapy, art therapy, attachment and relational strategies using trauma-informed care.  Additionally, I offer Cognitive Processing Treatment (CPT), a 12 week, evidence-based treatment for trauma (PTSD) and complex trauma (CPTSD).  This treatment is especially helpful in treating generational and single-episode trauma.

Helping women, men, couples, families, and parents with therapy, counseling, and coaching. Located in Maryland serving surrounding areas including Montgomery, Howard, and Baltimore counties.

In compliance with 2022 Federal guidelines a Good Faith Estimate for therapy services will be provided upon request for current clients and will be provided for all new clients.

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