Navigating the last few months have been extremely hard. Plans canceled. Graduations and proms missed. Weddings postponed. Work stopped. Kids home. It has been a sad and lonely time.

Now what? How are we able to move through all of this change and unsteady feelings about the future when the future is changing at lightning speed? Feelings can include overreacting or under reacting to trauma, grief, loss, overwhelm, frustration, agitation, irritability, hopelessness or helplessness. Many of my current clients are struggling with loss of routines, inability to manage the difficulties of each day, job loss, death of a loved one and fear. A fatigue that feels unshakeable has set in.

Therapy can help process some of the intense feelings that come with the rapid changes that are occurring. A sense of validation and honest feedback is offered and can make the difference in how you are feeling. Connection and acknowledgement can be achieved by working through the feelings you are having. You don’t have to feel alone even in this time of social distancing and lonliness. Working through the loss and grief you have experienced during this time can be very productive.

Working together, you can develop coping skills, thoughtful and meaningful relationships both with yourself and others, and true growth. As Glennon Doyle says, “We can do hard things.” That being said, I believe the hard things we do are often a bit easier when we talk about them in therapy.