There are so many forces that play a role in the kind of parent you are- even the parent that you want to be. First, there are societal influences.  Social media plays a huge role in what kids know, whether we like it or not.  Kids are barraged by content and ads everyday.  It feels out of control.  Second, parents only learn to parent by how they were parented.  For better or worse, we often do what was done to us.  If we want to do it differently, we often lack the support we need.   Lastly, parenting is a lonely job.  We are the most connected society we have ever been, and at the same time, so very lonely.  Add in financial constraints, demands on working parents, multiple children, learning issues, caring for elderly parents at the same time, and the potential for a very challenging parenting experience is there.

Therapy can help in many ways with making parenting a bit more manageable.  I can help get you and your partner on the same page. By exploring parenting styles, we can settle on some routines and structure that will help make your home less chaotic.  We can deep dive into what is working and what isn’t and coordinate an effort that has you working smarter, not harder.  I can coach you through some of the more challenging milestones, in my office, your home, or even over the phone